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  1. While driving home from Christmas shopping a man was struck by a fallen off Christmas tree from the driver in front of him.  The tree literally crashed through his windshield however the man was not injured.  The police told him to keep the tree but wouldn’t let the windshield damage pass and the car was towed!  The insurance claim was denied as trees, Christmas or any other, were not covered in the policy.
  2. An insurance company received an interesting claim for Santa’s sleigh being stolen.  Apparently it was stolen from a gift shop in Montreal and was part of a holiday display.  Problem for the insurance company was they couldn’t put a value on Santa’s sleigh.
  3. A woman who was having a Christmas party invited friends over for a Wii game competition.  They wanted to show off their new 65” flat screen TV.  One of the guests became a little too intoxicated and excited and ended up losing control of his remote control while playing bowling.  It hit the TV and smashed right into the screen.  The insurance adjuster asked if this particular guest arrived at the party intoxicated.  The woman said no but embarrassingly admitted she had supplied everyone with shots of Tequila to get them in the party mood! The claim was denied.
  4. A woman was preparing a pot roast for Christmas Eve dinner.  She started cooking at 3 pm and put the pot roast in the oven at 325 degrees.  Unfortunately she didn’t have a pan to fit the over sized pot roast so she could only stuff it into a smaller pot.  When her and her family arrived home at 7 pm, they were greeted by the fire department.  The smaller pot had caused the roast to boil over and start a fire.  Luckily only the kitchen suffered major damage but the family had to be relocated to a hotel over the holidays due to smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.  The insurance company denied the property damage claim due to negligence but they did pick up the hotel bill.
  5. A couple had invited 20 other couples over for a Christmas White Elephant party.  Everyone was having a great time visiting and enjoying holiday spirits until they started to play the White Elephant gift exchange game.  One guest was mortified as he received a Chia Pet while playing the game.  As his gift was repeatedly rejected by the others playing the game, he became angrier and angrier and thus drinking more and more alcohol.  He shouted on numerous occasions that he brought a nice gift to the party and would be damned to end up with a Chia Pet going home.  The guest ended up becoming so intoxicated he tripped and landed face first into the two red and green punch bowls of holiday drinks.  Not only was the couple devastated that their holiday party was ruined, they also submitted a claim to have their plush white carpets replaced!  The claim was denied.
  6. A man in Saskatchewan thought it would be interesting to try to make fried turkey on his backyard deck for the holiday season.  As he was frying the turkey, he decided to run into the house to grab another beer.  When he came back out, his entire deck was on fire.  Unfortunately the fire department could not arrive in time thus causing the deck to burn to the ground.  Their efforts to save the neighbouring detached garage also failed; burning down the garage as well as the man’s Christmas present for his son (a new motorcycle).  Unfortunately he had not added the motorcycle to his insurance policy yet.
  7. An insurance company received a claim for damage for collapse and for damage from a falling object.  The adjuster noticed a large hole in the dining room ceiling and a destroyed dining room table when visiting a couple’s home.  Apparently the wife had asked her husband to go into the attic and bring down some Christmas decorations that were in storage.  The husband refused to do it as he felt he was too heavy to withstand the attic floor.  In a fit of rage, the woman decided to retrieve the decorations herself and climbed into the attic.  Unfortunately she ended up falling through the ceiling and floor of the attic onto the dining room table.