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Employee Assistance Programs

Support Your Employees Through Life’s Most Challenging Moments

Did you know that 30% of Canadians who show up to work everyday are preoccupied with a life crisis? Unfortunately, the cost of professional counselling to address life’s most serious issues can be prohibitive – and so, more often than not, individuals don’t get the help that could have a profound impact on their well being and consequently on their work productivity.

The comprehensive Employee & Family Assistance Program that we offer covers substance abuse, stress-related illnesses, depression, marital and parenting challenges, financial difficulties, addictions and even legal issues. These are issues that often go unresolved because employees find them too uncomfortable to discuss openly.

For just a few dollars per month per employee, you can give your employees confidential access to the professional support that could change their lives. We’ll even provide you with a framed summary of services available for your office lunchroom or another high traffic area, along with the contact details should an employee require the counselling services available under the program.

Ether on its own or in conjunction with a Group Benefits Plan or Health Spending Account, our Employee & Family Assistance Program is designed to be preventative, so that employees can address issues before they impact the quality of their life and their productivity at work.

It’s generally recognized that when employers demonstrate that they care about their employees’ well-being, those employees tend to have greater job satisfaction and be more engaged in the success of the company.

It’s a win-win that’s so easy to achieve.

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