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Employee Benefit Plans

Increase Your Coverage While Decreasing Your Premiums

An employee health & dental benefits plan (also known as a group health & dental benefits plan) can help you attract and retain valuable employees. All too often, however, health & dental benefits plans become an increasingly expensive administrative nightmare.

We Work For You

The last thing you want to think about is administering your employee health & dental benefits plan – so we do it for you. We provide you with two account coordinators and pro-actively send a courtesy call or email every month to inquire about new hires, terminations or pay increases. Then we make the appropriate changes to your plan. Questions? Just call us to speak with a real person every time – we deal with the insurance company so you never have to!

Complete Transparency

If your broker earns a commission, he or she makes more money the more expensive your employee benefits plan gets. Does that sound right to you? When you choose to work with us, we’ll do one of two things: we’ll set our commissions to zero and work on a flat fee – generally $12-$16 per employee – that you know up front; or – if you prefer a commission model – we’ll tell you upfront what that commission is and renegotiate it each year based on your insurer’s renewal premiums and the value you’re receiving.

Infinite Flexibility

Some insurance brokers pad their commissions by guilting you into paying for health & dental benefits your employees will rarely use. But we don’t work for the insurance companies; we work for you. Want dental and paramedical, but not vision? We’ll make it happen. Only have $100 a month for each employee? We’ll shop it around and get you the best employee benefits plan you can afford.

We’re Not Greedy

As a general rule, insurance companies try to increase your premiums by 8-12% each year. That means your commission-based “broker” gets a raise for doing nothing. We don’t think that’s fair. If your premiums go up and we haven’t done anything to deserve a raise, we’ll contact you to negotiate a reduced fee or commission.