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Group Benefits & Employer Solutions


Do you love paying for group benefits your employees never use? Do you enjoy watching your premiums increase year after year with no change in benefits? If so, we’re not for you.

But if you want to get off the insurance company merry-go-round and stop playing games you can’t win, then let’s talk.

Here are two ways we can help you provide group benefits in a way that makes sense:

Health Spending Accounts

 A Health Spending Account gives you control over what you spend, and your employees control over which benefits they receive. And the best part? No merry-go-round.

Group Benefit Plans

For companies with 30 or more employees, a traditional group benefits plan can make perfect sense. What doesn’t make sense is getting one from someone who only truly represents one or two insurers – and who will gladly take a pay raise when your premiums go up each year.

Employee Assistance Programs

An easy and inexpensive way to give your employees access to professional counseling and other support services to help them transition through life’s challenges – including drug & alcohol dependency, marital breakdown, depression and more.