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Below is a comparison of what some of the insurance companies that we work with offer our clients.  All of these companies offer exceptional service and great coverage.


Empire Life

Empire Life offers easy to understand benefits which are fairly priced, competitive, easy to understand specifically designed for small to mid-sized companies.  Most of their clients employ 2 to 2000 employees and they are attuned to the needs of small businesses.

Over the past two years Empire Life has made sizable investments in their employees and processes to deliver on their promises.  Empire is headquartered in a smaller community to focus on the customer.  They provide integrated data systems for reporting using their online system for brokers and plan administrators.


Group Source (The Co-operators, SSQ & RSA)

groupSource is a third party group benefits administration company which is involved in designing the employee benefit plan, acting as plan administrator, service department and claims manager for each of their client companies. As a result, these included services enable their clients to out-source the majority of their benefit administration and benefit management duties to groupSource without their monthly benefit plan premiums increasing.

groupSource provides preferred underwriting to its clients by providing long-term based pricing.  Underwriters will not provide an overly aggressive rate to obtain business.  Rather a stable rate environment is used which prevents the underfunding of claims that may lead to high rate increases.  groupSource works with quality insurers that are able to maintain a stable rate base and those rates are reflected in the consolidated statement they provide to their clients on a monthly basis.

Each groupSource client is provided with an in-house service and administration manager which is assigned directly to their account.  These managers are able to answer any questions regarding the policy which may arise.  This is considered a huge benefit to companies which may not have a full-time benefit administrator.

groupSource also offers expertise in disability claims management, which guides the employer and employee through the challenges of a disability claim.


Sun Life

Sun Life provides companies products which maximize their investments through wellness, disability, and pharmaceutical benefits management.

They are able offer more of an innovative technology platform for clients which the use of their mobile application for claims is able to have money deposited in the claimant’s account within 24 to 48 hours of claim submission.

Sun Life is also considered more of a “green” insurance company.  Plan members are able to view their benefit summaries and claim statements online while plan administrators are able to utilize Sun Life’s benefit program online for new employee applications as well as terminations.

Wawanesa Life

Wawanesa Life has benefit plans for companies with three to nine employees (Diversity Plans) as well as 10 plus employee plans (Life Group Operation).

Group benefit distribution is provided through Brokers, Agents, Benefit Consulting firms and Third Party Administrators.  Wawanesa Life provides a unique approach when underwriting for each group.  Emphasis is applied on the overall risk profile of the group rather than looking at the industry of the group.  Wawanesa prides itself on working with the agent and client to find a mutually agreeable solution.

The Life Group Operation has now expanded its product selection and is able to offer Disability Claim Management, Travel Assistance and Pay Direct Drug Cards.

Diversity Plans, which cater to three to nine employees offer affordable, easy and comprehensive coverage for all business owners, employees and their dependents.  With the Diversity Plans no industries are excluded from being eligible to participate.  There are no family content restrictions.  Full participation from all staff is required, however.  The plan accommodates full time and part time employees who work at least 24 hours per week and contract employees working a minimum of 9 out of 12 months.


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