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A distinctly West Coast approach to group benefits & insurance

At ADI Benefits, we look at insurance a bit differently.

Rather than play the typical insurance company games of fear mongering, hiding commissions and guilting you into purchasing coverage you don’t need or can’t afford, we decided to take a novel approach.

We decided to work for you.

When you have a question, claim or other concern, we answer the phone – not an answering system or overseas virtual operator, but one of three real, live people whose names you’ll know!
Because we’re not tied to any single insurance company, we get you quotes from as many as 12 different insurers. We can get you the same low rates as the “big box” brokers, only with one distinct advantage . . .
We work on a fixed fee or fully disclosed commission. We prefer to offer you a reasonable fee-for-service so there are never any surprises. This way, there’s no conflict of interest in finding you the best coverage at the lowest possible rate. You pay the insurance company for the insurance and us for the management service we provide. If you prefer a commission model, we’ll make sure it’s fair – and that you know exactly what it is.
We don’t “sneak” raises. When premiums go up, as they often do with many kinds of insurance, commissioned brokers get a free raise. For doing nothing. In fact, they’d make less money by finding you a better deal. Not us.

A distinctly West Coast approach to group benefits & insurance

If you become our client, you’ll be hearing a lot from Paula and Linda. They’re the ones who will check in to make sure your benefits plan is working the way you need it to, and who will be there to respond personally to your every request.